Session 9 Summary

December 21
Night: The party travels from Shadowfell Keep to Irel’s cabin.

December 22
Morning: The group leaves Irel’s cabin and heads to Winterhaven. There, they meet with Valthrun and discuss heading to Thunderspire to rescue the BloodReavers’ captives.

Afternoon: Phaean meets with Padraig, who is depressed and lets slip some information that seems to imply he had some sort of relationship with the missing Ena Indistel. Saar hears some odd talk about the missing Vella Indistel around town, and Peren and Pype ride out to check the trail.

December 23 – December 26
The party travels east to Thunderspire. After three days of travel, they skirt the town of Fallcrest and continue east to the mountain.

December 26
Morning: The party arrives at the entrance to Thunderspire, and finds bodies of Delphina Moongem and Francis Aleon in a ditch on the side of the path. From the crossbow bolts in their back, it seems like they were shot trying to escape. Inside, they rescue Balgo, a halfling, from BloodReaver slavers. Balgo gratefully leads them to the Seven-Pillared Hall, where the group checks in with the Ordinator then heads to the Halfmoon Inn.