Session 27 Summary

* The PCs killed a group of trolls on the road east. The trolls had killed a messenger coming from the other way. A letter was found in the messenger’s pack.

* The party continues east to the town of Moonstair.

* As the PCs are getting acclimated to town, Ionoa notices a pair of winter sparrows watching them from atop a trader’s stall.

* On being noticed, both birds take flight. One sparrow alights on Ionoa’s shoulder, while the other flies down the street a way.

* When the PCs follow, the sparrows eventually lead them down an alley to a doorway. Outside the door sits a small human girl, dressed in rags. The girl looks up and says, “Finally! I’m starving! Well? He said you pay for my lunch.” She holds out a hand. Upon payment, she says “Go on, he’s inside.”

* Beyond the door, there is what appears to be a storage room. Six simple wooden chairs are arranged in a circle. Seated directly across from the door is Irel. He is dressed quite stylishly for the hot, humid weather. Seeing the party arrive, he smiles and invites them in.

Irel has information on these topics:

How he got here – “A young man we’re all acquainted with” came to him in a dream and said the party would be coming to Moonstair. Lenina owed him a favor, and arranged for the mages of Saruun to teleport him. He’s been here for a few days.

Winterhaven – Lord Pendraig has returned from Fallcrest with a priest to speak with Sir Keegan and allow them to rebuild the Keep. The Indistels have all disappeared, no one has seen them.

Etheran Turol – Irel knows all about Etheran and Sunwrath. Irel will point out that Etheran was the nephew of the Queen of a powerful nation, and the party (as well as House Azaer) could benefit greatly through such an ally. A dragonborn named Bax was with Etheran, the party may want to speak with him.

Kelana Dhoram – Irel will offer to introduce the party to Kelana Dhoram, the mayor of Moonstair. He has already offered her their assistance in the current troubles. “What else are you going to do between now and the next clear night with a full moon?”

Full moon / the Moon Door – It’s a door to the Feywild which opens when the full moon is clear in the sky. With the recent storms, it is not expected to open again this month. Irel has met someone, the eladrin emissary Rualiss, who may know how to force the door open.

He also has more personal information for the group:

Pype – (1) Irel has discovered that Zirithian has killed Krista and a man she lived with – Golden. Krista refused to divulge the whereabouts of her son Rayndn and his child. (2) Yes, Rayndn fathered a child, a half-elven son, who is now 8 years old. His name is Pyv’nashe, called Piven. Whereabouts unknown, Rayndn had him sent away with his wife after Krista’s murder. (3) Rayndn also took to the cloth, and is now a priest of Erathis. He’s now with Brynnan somewhere in Alwhar.

Peren – (1) Zirithian is currently in a Drow city called Phaervorul meeting with the leaders of House Oramis. (2) His blade, Nightbringer, drinks the blood of its victims, and has turned Zirithian into a vampire.

Phaean and Ionoa – (1) Brynnan is in Alwhar with Rayndn. From what Irel has heard, they are both living the lives of petty criminals. That, however, could just be a cover for whatever they are up to. They were both working for House Azaer, but have not checked in with their contacts for months.

Ramor – (1) Hello, it’s nice to meet you. (2) The barbarian Roamilack is dead. His clan, Frostbeard, had been enemies of the Iceblood clan for ages. The Icebloods unknowingly made a deal with agents of Orami – weapons and magic used to slaughter their enemies. These items carried a curse, and caused those that wield them to suffer a wasting disease, and the Icebloods were soon all dead as well. (3) The most powerful of those weapons was used to slay Roamilack – an intelligent sword which calls itself Nightbringer.

Irel lets them know he’ll be leaving in a few days – when the sparrow leaves the party, he will be gone. He has arranged rooms for them at the Inn.