Session 45 – Making Evil Work for Us

As the heroes sleep, they again dream of the black comet and the orphan Jonno. This dream begins as the others have, with the crash of the black comet into the world, but then the dreamer finds themselves happy atop a spire in a bright city. All is right until a black-cloaked figure tosses a small animal over the ledge to its death – a different animal for each dreamer – bear, badger, horse, owl, and panther. Then the city crumbles into all-consuming darkness, they get a sense of some large creature behind them, and are flung from the spire to their death.

When the party awakes, they find that NightBringer has somehow escaped the bag of holding. Not only that, it has now taken the form of an axe and swapped places with Ramor’s normal weapon. The group has a brief discussion about how evil the weapon actually is, and what a terrible idea it would be for the wild raging barbarian to wield it in battle. They come to the natural conclusion that it’s probably OK, they’ll just keep an eye on him.

The group enters the black pyramid, and are attacked in a maze of walls and cages by a demon and wights. They defeat these creatures and move further into the pyramid, where they are again set upon in an open plaza – this time by an undead blood mage and her minions. Again, the heroes succeed and continue on. Finally, they come upon a large doorway seemingly made of pure darkness. The party decides to rest before advancing further.