The PCs

Ionoa Dattan: Eladrin female. Arrived in town a few months ago. She seems to be a healer, and has been helping Sister Linora from time to time. She is staying in a spare room in the village temple.

Peren: Elf male. Seems to be a sellsword. He arrived in Winterhaven about a year ago, and has been working for Lord Padraig and Rond Kelfem, as well as the now-missing researcher Douven Staul. He lives in a spare room in the Winterhaven Barracks.

Phaean Alseen: Half-Elf male. A Winterhaven local, and the son of a farming family in the So’West Vale. He’s been seen taking lessons from the local scholar and researcher Douven Staul, until Staul’s disappearance.

Pype: Elf male. Every winter for the past few years, the elf called Pype has come into town to avoid the worst of the weather. From local talk, he lives alone out in the wilds somewhere. He is currently staying in a rented room in Wrafton’s Inn.

Ramor of the Frostbeards: Human male. While exploring the labyrinth beneath Thunderspire, the party rescued a captive barbarian from a band of demon-worshiping gnolls. A barbarian from north of the Nentir Vale, Ramor’s fate seems linked to the rest of the group.

Characters “on hold”:

Card Lightfoot: Half-elf male. New to town this winter. He’s genial and generous, and seems to make an effort to make life easier for the other townsfolk. He appears to make a living doing odd jobs around town, and lives in a rented room in the Inn. Early in the adventure, he was called back to Fallcrest and has not returned.

Saar: Tiefling male. Saar arrived in Winterhaven last summer. He is known as a scholar and bard, working as an assistant to Valthrun and moonlighting as the in-house entertainment at Salvana Wrafton’s inn. He lives on the ground floor of Valthrun’s tower. While in the labyrinth beneath Thunderspire, he was abducted by a demon and apparently carried off to another realm.