Game Info

Campaign Information

Character Creation

  • The system is 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.
  • All characters begin at 1st level.
  • Assign attributes using Method 1: Standard Array (PHB p17).
  • Any class from official WotC hardback books is OK, depending on what’s already in the group.
  • Choose any race from the PHB, however keep in mind Dragonborn and Tiefling are rare in this area. From the PHB2, Gnomes and Half-Orcs are also available, although Half-Orcs are rarely treated better than actual Orcs.
  • Shadar-kai, Deva, Goliaths, and Shifters do not exist as far as anyone in this region knows.
  • Choose any non-evil alignment.
  • Become familiar with the Winterhaven area, and prepare a character history that will place you in Winterhaven in early November of 1479. PCs could be a life-long town resident, or have just arrived a few weeks ago. Feel free to include currently listed Winterhaven residents or create entirely new people you know (within reason). I will weave them all together before the first session.
  • You can reference the 10-minute PC background jumpstart for ideas. At least one page is a good minimum length to shoot for, but the more detailed your bio, the more your character will feel like a part of world.

Campaign Setting

  • The setting is a mix of heroic fantasy action in a gritty, low fantasy society. Arcane magic is rare, but usually accepted without suspicion. There are many hedge wizards and shamanistic practitioners, but few actual Wizards and Warlocks. Good-aligned Divine magic is accepted as proper and righteous, although most towns must get by with a non-Divinely powered “priest” or “priestess” rather than a proper Cleric. Larger cities such as Fallcrest do host guilds for the arcane and divine.
  • Think more “Song of Ice and Fire” and less “anything by R. A. Salvatore”.
  • Most people have never traveled more than a day from their homes. News and rumors travel mostly with merchants and wanderers. There is a fair deal of trade of all types within the Vale, a meager trickle from the west, but none from the north, south, or east.
  • To anyone’s knowledge, no authority higher than the local lords has made contact with the Vale in nearly a century. The Vale has stood isolated since, but most of the Vale’s inhabitants are too concerned with their day-to-day business than to worry much about the outside world.


  • This is a story-driven campaign with a heavy emphasis on role-playing.
  • Bonus experience and action points will be awarded for strong role-playing.
  • Players are urged to keep a clear separation between in-character and out-of-character knowledge.
  • Please don’t read published 4th edition modules; heavily altered portions of several are woven into the story.
  • This campaign is fully realized and plotted out to completion, and should take the PCs to at least 20th level, with options to continue to 30th if desired...

Forms and cheatsheets

Combat Rules Crib Sheet: This is a brief single-page overview of the 4th edition combat rules. Defines the steps involved in a turn, different types of actions and attacks, and modifiers to attack types.

Game Information Sheet: Single page of game information and charts. Covers movements speeds and types, rest and recovery, XP by level, break DCs, and environmental endurance DCs.

Official Character Sheet: Official WoTC 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons character sheet. Two pages with space for stats, inventory, powers, and role playing information.

Complete Character Folio: Full-blown 10-page character record sheet in landscape orientation. Has stats page, combat workspace, advancement tracking/planning, and powers, items and rituals workspace.

Player Combat Cards: Handy combat stat tracking cards. Use one per encounter and it lets you keep track of your Initiative, conditions, damage taken, and uses of Second Wind, Action Points, and Healing Surges.

Player Powers Sheet, Player Rituals Sheet, and Player Magic Items Sheet: These are pages of blank workspace to keep track of the details of your powers, rituals, and magic items.